Cherry Margarita for Breakfast

It’s hump day and this seems like a good morning to start the day with a cherry margarita.  I mean a cup of hot Cherry Margarita tea.  Are you intrigued?

Our Tealightful Cherry Margarita is a blend of Sencha and China white teas.  It contains lemongrass, pineapple, freeze-dried Acerola cherries and sour cherries. It’s a treat for the senses.  First I notice the sweet smell wafting from the bag. Then I see the colors of the fruits against the various greens of the teas.  I can’t wait any longer.  It’s time to brew.

This green-white blend has a slightly sweet taste even without any additional sweetener.  The taste is light and bright, a morning plus.  The pineapple flavor is quite subtle, enhances the cherry and lingers lightly on the palate.

Ah.  A great start for my hump day.  I’ll bet this is great iced too.  Delicious, refreshing, nutritious, no calorie — I couldn’t ask for more.  Order yours today!

Health and abundant happiness…

Tealightful Vanilla Caramel Chai

This morning I felt like a little spice in my tea.  I chose Vanilla Caramel Chai. With its gorgeous dark golden red color, this black tea has the chai spices you’d expect — cinnamon, ginger, cloves, cardamom, star anise, and peppercorns.  My favorite part of this chai is the addition of caramel and vanilla.  For me, these two additions mellow out the chai just a bit.


Vanilla Caramel Chai

Without adding anything to it, this tea has a definite chai bite.  I can definitely taste the ginger and the clove.  Since I’m not a big fan of anise, it’s lovely that this blend captures its essence without being too strong. If you need to be warmed on a cold day, this is the tea to choose.

To make it a more traditional chai, consider adding a little milk and perhaps one of our caramel honey sticks.  Mmmmm…  Easing into a Sunday.

Health and abundant happiness…


Tealightful Lemon Ginger Green review

I’m sorry; I’m not one of those people who can drink hot tea during hot weather.  At least I can’t unless I’m in air conditioned space most of the time. That describes me pretty well during the late days of summer in Florida.  It was on one of these days I tried this tea.

I love lemon and am coming to love the zing of ginger in hot tea as well.  This green tea blend is a great balance of just enough lemon for that sweet/tart lemon flavor complemented by that ginger “zing”.  It is not too grassy in taste, light in color with a fragrance I find quite calming.  I love to open the bag and inhale deeply.

A friend who loves this tea suggested to me it would probably be quite refreshing iced.  You can check that out for yourself.  Personally, I’m enjoying the indulgent color, aroma, taste, and centering of having it hot. It may quite some time before I get around to trying it iced.

Health and abundant happiness…

It’s Probably Fall Somewhere

Wow.  Where has this year gone?  It’s nearly October and our new catalog and Fall/Winter teas are being introduced — again.  Here in Florida, it’s still summer. Today, for instance, it’s at least 86 outside with a “feels like” temperature of 100.  But, it’s probably fall somewhere by now.

It seems I’ve missed a whole year at least with you, my tea fans.  I’ve had some personal ups and downs and things finally seems to be moving more to the “up” side again.  Be patient with me; I haven’t stopped selling or loving tea.

Check out our beautiful new catalog (see the link on the sidebar) and our amazing new blends.  I haven’t had a chance to try any myself yet.  My personal order will be going in very soon.  And, to keep you interested, I hear even more great teas and blends are coming for the holidays.  Stay tuned.  Look for tea reviews from me, here and on my Facebook page.

Thank you for hanging in there with me.  To my loyal customers who have continued to order, you are the best and have my sincere thanks and gratitude.

Health and abundant happiness…


New! New! New!

It’s the time of year for changes and updates. It’s time to think about cooler weather, shared holiday time with friends and family, and finding some quiet, snuggly time for ourselves once in a while.

At Tealightful, we are ready to help you enjoy these changes with minimum effort and maximum enjoyment.

Our new catalog is filled with lots of new teas (many unflavored ones at your request), dessert cremes, and lovely tea accessories to make all your upcoming events relaxing and your gift shopping easy.

We also have a new website address.  I’ve updated all my links here to reflect the change.  If you need it to pass it along to a friend, it’s

I hope you’ll join me in a cup of tea soon.  I love sharing a cup with friends — both old and new.

Where am I — Part 2

It’s been a long time since I’ve taken the time to post, much longer than I realized. I’m not sure how many people will actually see this.

Still, I have some loyal and patient fans and customers and I wanted you to know why I’ve been away so long.  First, I LOVE my Tealightful tea business and sharing that love with all of you. Sometimes, however, life just gets in the way of the things we prefer to do.  That’s what’s happened to me.

In my case, it’s my mom’s deteriorating mental and physical health.  I am fortunate to have her close by and in a beautiful facility surrounded by caring people.  Even with this, she still relies quite a bit on me.  I am the stable, easily recognizable presence in her life.

I appreciate your continuing support as I work to balance my personal and tea business lives. I can’t wait to have another Virtual Tea, share a cuppa and relax with my tea-loving friends.

Where am I?

Where, oh where, is Annette, the tea lady?

Sometimes I wonder myself. (chuckle)

For those of you who may wish to see, smell, taste, and purchase our wonderful teas, I’ve decided to post for you the events and places I will be during the upcoming holiday season.

Here’s where I think I’ll be for the rest of October:

Business Relaunch Open House – at my home on Friday, October 12 from 10A-2P and Saturday, October 13 from 1-4P; email me at or PM me on Facebook for directions.

Virtual Tea Day – Tuesday, October 16 at 10:30A on Tea with Annette on Facebook, stop by and see the reviews this month; next Virtual Tea is on Tuesday, November 20; contact me to participate in that one.

Tea Tasting Beachside – Beachside Dance Club on Saturday, October 20 at 2P; Unit 110, 1790 Hwy A1A, Satellite Beach, FL; This is FREE, but seating is limited; you must reserve your spot by email or PM me on Facebook no later than Thursday prior by 8P ET.

Spooktacular Mini Makeover – Christmas Shopping – Saturday, October 27 from 9A-3P at Elmo’s Barber and Beauty Salon, Melbourne, FL

I’d be Tea-lighted to see you at any of these events.  Don’t rush around too much.  Remember to take time to smell the roses, enjoy the cool breezes and sip a nice cup of tea.

Are you ready?

After Labor Day, this question can mean almost anything.

Are you ready for cooler weather?

Are you ready for a busy selling season?

Are you ready for another holiday shopping, eating, family-and-friends all around, party season?

My question for you is — are you ready to slow down, if even for a moment, and enjoy your life more?  If you answered “Yes!”, I can help you with that.

Tea is that kind of beverage and that kind of experience.  I’d love to share that with you and your friends at a tea tasting.  I love meeting new people and sipping new teas, sharing opinions, stories, laughs, nibbles.  It’s a kind of restoring experience for me.  Tea is comforting, healing.

Ahhh, no time for all that.  I understand.  Then surely you have 30 minutes to yourself someday.  Don’t dare tell me “no”.  If you don’t take at least 30 minutes for yourself, how will you ever have the reserves to serve all the others in your life?  Slow down; I’d love to do a one-on-one tasting with just you and me.  A nice cup of tea or, if you prefer, a glass of it iced, a quiet chat, a little adventure with one or two new teas, a chance to sit quietly and just “be” for a few minutes.  How does that sound?

And I can help with some of that shopping you need to do as well.  We have some great gifts for the holidays and some fantastic nibbles that are quick to make (more time left over for you) and delicious.

Let me help you be ready — for whatever is ahead of you.


Time for a deep breath

We’ve past Labor Day.  The kids are back in school.  Summer is officially over, at least according to the calendar.  It’s time to take a deep breath before the autumn and winter holiday rush starts.

It’s the perfect time for a tea tasting with your friends.

Tea is becoming quite popular again.  People just like you are discovering the health benefits, both from drinking a great beverage and from taking time to enjoy life, relax with family and friends.

I think because of tea’s gentle stimulation, having much less caffeine than coffee, tea is the perfect drink to share in total silence.  It’s great to sit with a friend, your hands wrapped around a warm cup of tea, inhaling the calming fragrance and sipping quietly, enjoying the moment.

So — before your life starts to get really crazy again with the holidays, take a moment, and share some tea with your friends.  I can help.  I’ll be right here, waiting for you, silently sipping my tea.

Approaching the perfect hot tea season

Many people I know drink hot tea year round.  I’m not one of those people. Although I do occasionally have a good cup of hot tea during the summer, I prefer weather a bit cooler.  The environment seems more appropriate to me when there’s a nip in the air.

I want to romance my tea.  I love to curl up is a big comfortable chair or on an enveloping couch, hug my cup of tea close, inhale deeply, and sip slowly. If I can find a spot outdoors to do this, even better.  And it will also be spicy tea season, to compliment the surroundings and the holidays.

Our new Tealightful teas are due out in a few days and I can’t wait.  New food items too.  As soon as I have a list, I’ll post it here for you.